Offering boating courses
to the Public has been
a traditional civic service of
the United States
Power Squadrons.
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Courses and seminars are arranged in groups,
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There is also a USPS Boat Operator Certification program.
If you have taken a USPS safe boating class in the past and have lost your certificate, contact us so we can attempt to find it in our records.
On 9 August 2019 Governor Cuomo signed legislation S.5685/A.4853.A - Brianna's Law, to phase in requirements that all operators of motorized watercraft must complete a state-approved boating safety course. The law is named after Brianna Lieneck, an 11-year-old Long Island girl who was killed in a 2005 boating accident. It expands an earlier law signed by Governor Cuomo that requires boaters born after May 1, 1996 to complete a safety course before operating a motorized watercraft.
Under the phase-in, operators of a motor boat born on or after:
1/1/1993 must have completed a safety course beginning in 2020
1/1/1988 must have completed a safety course beginning in 2022
1/1/1983 must have completed a safety course beginning in 2023
1/1/1978 must have completed a safety course beginning in 2024
ALL motor boat operators regardless of age beginning in 2025
Failure to comply could result in a fine of between $100 and $250.
America's Boating Course (ABC) is the
finest course available that meets this requirement.