America's Boating Course
3rd Edition

is the latest public
boating course offered by USPS
to the general boating community.
Although we recommend ABC3 as a classroom course, it may be taken as a PC-based home study for people whose obligations would make it difficult to attend a classroom course. Both classroom and at home students receive two bonus computer disks, the Courseware CD with guided instruction plus video & audio as well as Rose Point Navigation Systems' Coastal Explorer Viewer Edition software with the entire library of NOAA’s raster navigation charts. If you sign up for ABC3 home study, you will be contacted by a USPS member to offer assistance and schedule a proctored final exam.
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ABC3 is all new with an updated manual, outstanding graphics, and two bonus computer disks. The course manual is divided into five chapters.
You may be familiar with our prior courses such as
The Squadron Boating Course, Boat Smart,
Chart Smart, or the original America's Boating Course.
On 27 Sept 2013 Governor Cuomo signed an act that amended NY navigation law and supersedes the Suffolk County law that mandates boater education.
The new law requires operators of mechanically propelled vessels in NY waters (who must be over 10 years old), born on or after 1 May 1996 to be holders of a boating safety certificate.
Exemptions include: minors between 10 and 18 must have a certificate unless accompanied by an adult certificate holder, new boat owners within a 120 day grace period, boating safety instructors, US Power Squadron members, USCGA members, licensed captains, or on duty emergency service, rescue and law enforcement personnel.
America's Boating Course (ABC), the NY State Safe Boating course, and other approved courses satisfy the education requirement. America's Boating Course, offered by the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), is the finest course available that meets this requirement.
If you have taken a USPS safe boating class in the past and have lost your certificate, contact us so we can attempt to find it in our records.
The first four cover required topics like rules of the road, types of boats, required equipment, navigation aids, lights & sounds, anchoring, communications, adverse conditions, water sports safety, trailering, personal water craft safety, and knots & lines.
The fifth chapter provides an introduction to digital charts and GPS waypoint navigation, a key skill for boating on larger lakes, rivers and coastal waters, which is great background for more advanced piloting courses.
ABC3 is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), is recognized by the US Coast Guard, and is accepted by most states as meeting their requirements for getting a safety certificate where required for water craft operation.