This is the second part of the study of offshore navigation. It further develops the student’s skills and understanding of celestial theory. The student is introduced to additional sight reduction techniques for bodies other than the sun. The student develops greater skill and precision in sight taking, positioning and the orderly methods of carrying on the day’s work of a navigator at sea. Of particular interest and importance is the navigation software that is explained and used in practices for planning and navigating in the offshore environment. Offshore navigation using minimal data and/or equipment, such as when on a disabled vessel or lifeboat is also studied. The three star insignia is shown on the right.
Course topics/chapters include:
- A View of our Solar System
- Sunrise…Sunset
- Taking Sights and Finding Ho, LHA, and Dec.
- Sight Reduction and Plotting by the Law of Cosines
- Sight Reduction and Plotting by the NASR method
- Sight Planning
- Emergency Navigation
- Electronics and Software for Offshore Navigation
- Underway
There are two exam elements, the Sight Folder & an Open Book Exam.