Offering boating courses
to the Public has been
a traditional civic service of
the United States
Power Squadrons.
On 27 Sept 2013 Governor Cuomo signed an act that amended NY navigation law and supersedes the Suffolk County law that mandates boater education.
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Contact information for courses offered by PBPS
is available on the “Course Schedule” page.
If you are looking for a course in another area,
use the D3 Education Hotline 1-800-EH1-USPS.
Courses and seminars are arranged in groups,
Public, Member/Advanced and USPS University.
The main topic page for each will explain the differences.
There is also a USPS Boat Operator Certification program.
The new law requires operators of mechanically propelled vessels in NY waters (who must be over 10 years old), born on or after 1 May 1996 to be holders of a boating safety certificate.
If you have taken a USPS safe boating class in the past and have lost your certificate, contact us so we can attempt to find it in our records.
Exemptions include: minors between 10 and 18 must have a certificate unless accompanied by an adult certificate holder, new boat owners within a 120 day grace period, boating safety instructors, US Power Squadron members, USCGA members, licensed captains, or on duty emergency service, rescue and law enforcement personnel.
America's Boating Course (ABC), the NY State Safe Boating course, and other approved courses satisfy the education requirement. America's Boating Course, offered by the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), is the finest course available that meets this requirement.