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also known as PFDs

PFD Types
Type I - off-shore maximum buoyancy unit.
Type II - near-shore with less buoyancy than type I
Type III - inland/maximum comfort type, type II buoyancy.
Type IV - throwable unit for calm water rescue.
Type V - inflatable or special suit type, buoyancy varies.
      (Type V must be worn when boarded or inspected
            to count toward the minimum requirement.)

What You are Required to Carry (minimum)
Boats less than 16', canoes & kayaks
      One type I, II, III or V for each person on board.
Boats over 16'
      One type I, II, III or V for each person on board and
      one type IV throwable.

All PFDs must be USCG approved, properly sized for the
passengers aboard and either worn or readily available.

Wearing them is always preferred.

In NY, anyone on a jet ski, being towed behind a vessel,
or under 12 years old must be wearing a PFD.
Exception for children under 12, only if they are in a fully enclosed cabin.