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Lights Required when Operating at Night
   All Boats Under Power (includes sail boats under power)
      Sidelights, Stern & Masthead Lights
          (Boats under 65' can use 1 bi-color light sidelight.)
          (Boats under 40' can combine masthead & stern into 1 all-round.)
          (Sail boats motoring during the day must display a "Motoring Cone".)
   All Boats Under Sail or Rowing
      Sidelights & Stern light
          (Boats under 65' can substitute 1 tri-color light.)
          (Boats under 7m and 7 knots can substitute a lantern or torch.)

All Boats at Anchor
      All-round light visible for 2 nautical miles.
          (In daylight & not in a designated anchorage, display a black anchoring ball.)

Sound Producing Devices
   Boats Under 40' (Recommended)
      One Horn or Whistle
   Boats Over 40' to 165' (Required)
      One Bell (8" minimum mouth diameter)
      One Horn or Whistle

Note: Electronic or canned air horns can fail.
      It is a good idea to have a manual horn as a back up.
      It is also good to have a whistle attached to each PFD
      and/or each person on board.