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Fire Extinguisher Types
   Type A is used for trash, wood and paper.
Type B is used for flammable liquids.
Type C is used for electrical equipment / electrical fires.
Combination Units will be marked with multiple letters
      to indicate which of the above uses they cover.
Numbers are used with the letters to indicate the quantity of
      extinguishing agent. (For example, the common 1-A:10-B:C
      combination unit is used on the same fires as a 2-A:20-B:C
      unit, but it would hold less extinguishing agent.)

What You are Required to Carry (minimum)
(Requirements for boats with fixed fire suppression systems vary slightly)
   Boats less than 16' to 26', canoes & kayaks
      One B-1 type for any boat with:
         an enclosed engine compartment,
         an enclosed living space
         or a permanent fuel tank.
Boats 26' to 40'
      One B-2 or Two B-1
Boats 40' to 65'
      One B-2 and One B-1 or Three B-1
Boats 65' to 165'
      Depends on the displacement of the vessel.

It is never a bad idea to have more than the required amount.